KLMlegal | KLM Firm Overview
At KLM, we offer more than legal advice and forms – we are counselors and trusted advisors to our clients.
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“Dedicated, approachable and responsive attorneys with over 50 years of combined legal experience”.

Firm Overview

Kwartin, Levine & Marlow, LLP, formed by three attorneys with a shared vision to provide a different legal experience, is founded upon the principles of friendship, accountability and integrity.  The Firm has now grown to five attorneys and one paralegal/office administrator.

At KLM, we offer more than legal advice and forms – we are counselors and trusted advisors to our clients. To fulfill these roles, our attorneys develop legal solutions through processes intended to optimize our collective knowledge across a broad spectrum of law, business and life experience. Our clients can rely on our attorneys to be approachable, responsive and efficient.

In addition to cultivating the personal element of our representation, KLM is dedicated to providing superior legal services to our clients in a most caring and understanding manner. We hope to understand the various facets of our clients’ lives that may affect their decisions or legal options so that we may offer the best possible legal advice. The legal landscape can be a complex maze of jargon, paperwork and headaches to a person confronted with any issue. KLM is here to guide you through the legal process and to make you feel comfortable with the progress of your representation.

Each of KLM’s five attorneys has a distinguished academic background and several have practiced in large firms, in-house, or with the government, benefitting from experience that extends from such positions. In addition, KLM’s attorneys are active in their communities, volunteering their time, money and energy to help improve the quality of life and standard of living in the greater Atlanta area. KLM not only offers the commonly hailed “Big Firm Experience with Small Firm Service” quality, but it also provides a community-centric, client-first focus.

To learn more about each of KLM’s attorneys, please see our attorney profiles pages.