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Kwartin, Levine & Marlow, LLP, formed by three attorneys with a shared vision to provide a different legal experience, is founded upon the principles of friendship, accountability and integrity.
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“Dedicated, approachable and responsive attorneys with over 70 years of combined legal experience”.

Business Law

Lauren M. Marlow
(404) 437-7326

Erika Pitzel
(404) 309-5389

Business Law

KLM provides a full range of legal services to emerging and established small businesses at any stage in the business lifecycle- from formation to dissolution and everything in between.  Our attorneys work to help our clients build and grow their businesses and are dedicated to avoiding problems before they arise.  Our goal is to build relationships with our clients – to become trusted advisors – so that our clients feel comfortable calling us for advice or to discuss ideas and strategy.

For clients who are at the initial stage of starting a new business, we review applicable business and tax law, including the tax benefits of each available structure, and help our clients form the business entity that best meets their goals and objectives.  We also assist more established businesses to implement and refine their governance practices and to expand or divest by buying or selling assets or part of the business.  Although we hope to build on-going relationships with our clients, we also provide services for clients in need of representation for isolated business matters.   More specifically, we provide the following business services:

  • Asset protection planning
  • Business formations
  • Articles of incorporation, bylaws, LLC operating agreements, partnership agreements, etc.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Business purchases, mergers and sales
  • Contract review
  • Business reorganizations
  • Employment Agreements
  • Restrictive covenants, such as non-disclosure agreements, non-compete agreements and non-solicitation agreements
  • Management Agreements and Service Agreements
  • Business tax planning

As members of a small business ourselves, the lawyers of KLM understand the needs of other small businesses and strive to accomplish our clients’ legal objectives by providing creative, forward-thinking and cost-effective legal solutions.  As a client of KLM, you can expect the same superior service that we extend to our friends and family network- responsiveness, attentiveness and flexibility with scheduling and fee arrangements.